Text Box: Minerva is a gallery for the business elite. It offers more than 200 painting and graphical artworks and small plastics by 50 renowned and contemporary Bulgarian artists. 
The unique is that you could receive for a few minutes only, any information concerning the artworks on our catalogue. In case of interest the selected works will be supplied for observation, with the opportunity for discussing, forming impressions and choosing the best option to match the interior. Upon request the observation could take place in our depot. 
We are selling our artworks through the direct marketing method, to prevent ourselves from becoming one of the numerous galleries dissipated all over the city of Sofia, that you have to seek for until complete exhaustion before you find your piece of art - for your home, office or just for a gift.  
For the artworks destined to be sent abroad we are ensuring a certificate issued by the National Art Gallery, so that they could pass the frontier without any hindrance. 
If art means necessity, refinement and prestige to you, please call!
Our guarantee: Among our Company’s customers are  Corporation Razvitie,  World Bank, BNB, ING Bank, Raiffeisenbank, The National Bank of Greece, DSK Bank, Demirbank, Mobicom, Glencore, Helm, USAID, New TV, Siemens, Globul, Unicore, TMF, Bankservice, NIKMI, EliteTours, Ernst&Young, Seplex Consulting, Glavbolgarstroy, Ibcol, and many others. GRAND HOTEL “SOFIA” – 450 PAINTING
Permanent exposition - plastic arts and paintings in the lobby of Grand Hotel Sofia, 1 Gurko Str. 
General Manager: Uliana Delimarinova
Telephones:0896247546; 0888262075
E–mail: u_delimarinova@abv.bg

















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